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Week #29, Theme #28 “Wild Card” (“Form”)


Kaleb Pitching (4)Candid 2

We have twin 11-year-old grandsons, both of whom are involved in both football and baseball. Like their pro counterparts, the boys, Kaleb (who plays pitcher), and Kyzer (who catches for his brother, as well as for others) are well into their baseball season. The boys started with pee-wee ball at around age 5 and have gotten better and better with each passing season. Currently, both boys play for the Tarpon Springs Spongers but next year, when they enter middle school, we are hopeful both will be able to play in the school athletic program with an eye toward high school and college-level baseball! Since (1) every grandfather (they know me as “Papa”!) has to brag on his grandsons, and (2) I have a few “Wild Cards” that I’ve not yet used, I thought I’d take care of both with this week’s posting and brag a little about the boys “form”! Thank you for indulging me!

3 thoughts on “Week #29, Theme #28 “Wild Card” (“Form”)

  1. Way to go papa brag on! They are sharp kids. I know that you are proud. Happy Easter!

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