The World Through My Lens

Week #28, Theme #19 “Geometric Shapes” (Composition)


Sarasota Bayfront

This structure, known as the Sarasota Bayfront Arch, ushers one into the Sarasota Yacht Club and Sarasota Bayfront Park, one of our favorite places to walk, view the setting sun and watch the various shore birds. Oftentimes, especially if you exercise a little patience, bottlenose dolphins can be seen feeding and frolicking around this park. There is also a quaint little beachside restaurant, O’Leary’s, located in the park and the shrimp tacos they serve up (amongst many other dishes) are absolutely delicious. Beyond the beauty of the arch and because of the various squares, triangles, rectangles, etc., found in this structure, I thought the picture fit the theme “Geometric Shapes” quite well. I took this photo just after the sun had set (but before darkness engulfed everything) and thus, the reason for the lights being on in each of the towers. My settings were as follows: 1/60ss, F4.2, ISO 560 at 30mm.


2 thoughts on “Week #28, Theme #19 “Geometric Shapes” (Composition)

  1. Great contrast with the sky.

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