The World Through My Lens


Week #29, Theme #28 “Wild Card” (“Form”)

Kaleb Pitching (4)Candid 2

We have twin 11-year-old grandsons, both of whom are involved in both football and baseball. Like their pro counterparts, the boys, Kaleb (who plays pitcher), and Kyzer (who catches for his brother, as well as for others) are well into their baseball season. The boys started with pee-wee ball at around age 5 and have gotten better and better with each passing season. Currently, both boys play for the Tarpon Springs Spongers but next year, when they enter middle school, we are hopeful both will be able to play in the school athletic program with an eye toward high school and college-level baseball! Since (1) every grandfather (they know me as “Papa”!) has to brag on his grandsons, and (2) I have a few “Wild Cards” that I’ve not yet used, I thought I’d take care of both with this week’s posting and brag a little about the boys “form”! Thank you for indulging me!


Week #28, Theme #19 “Geometric Shapes” (Composition)

Sarasota Bayfront

This structure, known as the Sarasota Bayfront Arch, ushers one into the Sarasota Yacht Club and Sarasota Bayfront Park, one of our favorite places to walk, view the setting sun and watch the various shore birds. Oftentimes, especially if you exercise a little patience, bottlenose dolphins can be seen feeding and frolicking around this park. There is also a quaint little beachside restaurant, O’Leary’s, located in the park and the shrimp tacos they serve up (amongst many other dishes) are absolutely delicious. Beyond the beauty of the arch and because of the various squares, triangles, rectangles, etc., found in this structure, I thought the picture fit the theme “Geometric Shapes” quite well. I took this photo just after the sun had set (but before darkness engulfed everything) and thus, the reason for the lights being on in each of the towers. My settings were as follows: 1/60ss, F4.2, ISO 560 at 30mm.



Week #27, Theme #17 “Twilight” (Technical)


One of the great joys of living on the West Coast of Florida (we live in Sarasota) has to do with the wonderful sunsets, some of the most beautiful I’ve ever seen, that are common to this area. I took this photo recently as I was standing on the shore looking west over Sarasota Bay. As you can see by the exposed oyster bed in the foreground, the tide was out. But within just a few minutes the tide will reverse itself and, within a short time, the oyster bed will once again be covered with saltwater. It is said that the oysters feed on microscopic organisms that pass over the oysters as the tide comes in and then back out again, washing over the oyster bed. Couple the exposed oyster bed with the reflection of the sun-enhanced clouds on the water and you get a beauty beyond man’s ability to create. How grateful I am for the ability to see, and not just to see but to see in technicolor!! Think of how drab and different things would look if we saw only in black and white!