The World Through My Lens

Week #24, Theme #6 “Forsaken”


Whitey's Barn

As you know from earlier posts, I was born in south-central Michigan and spent my first 13 years of life there; my three oldest siblings still call the area “home”. In an earlier Challenge, maybe two years ago, I posted a picture of a barn located near where my oldest brother and sister (and their spouses) live. The farmer we all called “Whitey” owned and worked the farm until he passed away several years ago. For a long time, the farmhouse was empty and it looked the kids were going to just let it go. But low and behold, they repaired the old barn last year; gave it a new coat of red paint with white trim and even put a new metal roof on it!

Anyway, last fall, while visiting my siblings, I walked over to the farm place, camera in hand, and found a door to the old barn unlocked. Nobody lives there now so I let myself in the barn, and it was like stepping back in time! Pieces of old farm equipment that looked like they hadn’t been moved in years were scattered about. The smell of old hay filled the cavernous structure as streaks of sunlight poured in through cracks in the old wood siding and the floor boards creaked as I made my way to the room pictured above. I’m not sure how or when this stuff was placed here but I figured it would make for an interesting picture. After reviewing my recent activity and comparing it with my list of themes, I settled on this picture for the theme, “Forsaken”.

3 thoughts on “Week #24, Theme #6 “Forsaken”

  1. Is that a ghost under the swing?????


  2. Truly a forsaken scene. Looks like a double exposure or is it a ghost under the swing that can only be seen through the lens?


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