The World Through My Lens

Week #20, Theme #27 “Movement” (Composition)



Corkscrew Swamp, near Naples, FL, boasts some of the most magnificent Cypress trees I have ever seen! This one stood approximately 100′ high and, at its base, was amazingly huge. When I found this particular tree, I couldn’t help but be mesmerized by this vine (?) that wrapped around the tree in all kinds of “Movement”, my theme for this week. If you look closely, you will find the letters A, V, Y, and W. A closer look will reveal a lizard stretched out (hint: along the right side). Perhaps a good title for this picture would be “Tree-Hugger”!

8 thoughts on “Week #20, Theme #27 “Movement” (Composition)

  1. I think eventually the vines will choke out the life of the tree, forget the name. Maybe Fiddler Fig?


    • Fellow photographer, Susan, says it’s a “Strangler Fig” and that, yes, it will eventually kill the tree. As you can see, they really put the squeeze on a tree. Thanks for your comments.


  2. It’s a strangler fig and it will eventually kill the poor tree.


  3. Strangler figs are interesting because the seeds germinate in the crevices of trees and they grow downward.


  4. Great interpretation of “movement”… others have noted the fig will eventually strangle the life out of the tree….Found A, V & Y, but not W. Also couldn’t find the lizard….


    • The lizard is actually the largest of the features I pointed out. Look at the right side of the tree. You will see his head pointing skyward, his tail downward and his legs “hugging” the tree. Just to the right of the lizard’s head you’ll find the “W”. Thanks for your comments!


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