The World Through My Lens

Week #19, Theme #20 “Wild Card”


Strutting Egret

I love visiting a rookery, located in Venice, FL, this time of year. Not only are the wading birds nesting, many with chicks already in the nest, but these white egrets are strutting their new plumage. They have a kind of ritual they go through several times a day. They start by ducking rapidly downward and then, just as quickly, bring their heads up, stretching their necks skyward, as far as they can, and then drop back down to this pose, all in one fluid movement. Because they are nesting, they stayed at the rookery all day (they usually leave in the morning, hunt for food all day, and then return to the rookery just before sundown). Consequently, I, too, stayed at the rookery…..from around 11AM to 7PM; my back was killing me (from standing at my tripod) when I returned home! As you can see, I used one of my “Wild Card” themes for this week’s posting. I always try to come up with a name for wild card entries; this one I think I would title “Elegance”.

10 thoughts on “Week #19, Theme #20 “Wild Card”

  1. A beauty, and three cheers for hanging there all day! 😊


  2. Nice job, Randy! You really captured the beauty of this bird so well!


  3. Beautiful Randy.Are you going to buy that new lens that you showed us while we were down there?


  4. The sacrifice of getting the best shot! !Hope the sore back is better……Really nice photo. I haven’t seen the egret mating dance but will be on the look out for it!


    • At this particular rookery, there were several pairs and I witnessed many of them doing this “dance”. But, as always, the angle, lighting, unobstructed view, timing, etc., have to come together at just the right time to get the perfect shot. I took over 2,000 shots that day and though this one was not exactly what I was looking for, it was probably the best of the bunch. Still trying to get the “perfect” shot!


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