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Week #17, Theme #15: “Leading Lines” (Composition)



I just returned from Michigan to be with, and attend the funeral service for, my oldest brother, Sonny. While there, it snowed almost every day. Though my family there thinks I’ve lost my mind, I actually prefer colder weather and I do enjoy the snow. I’m sure if I lived there all the time, I, too, would grow weary of cold, snowy days. I tried to get out with my camera as much as I could (looking for Challenge opportunities!) and this winding, dirt road gave me the perfect opportunity to address Theme #15: “Leading Lines” (Composition). It was a very cold, dark, dreary day and I took this photo from a moving car, driven by my brother-in-law, who served as my driver for the afternoon. I found the lines created by the tire tracks interesting but what makes the picture special to me is the movement in the lines as the road winds its way between the banks and around the snow-covered curve.

12 thoughts on “Week #17, Theme #15: “Leading Lines” (Composition)

  1. Glad you were able to enjoy some snowy weather. Nice photo.


  2. Awesome photo!


  3. Sorry for your loss,Randy. Hope you’re home now otherwise you’d be stuck for a while. Nice leading lines albeit a little cold.


    • Thanks, Susan. He was the oldest of five boys born to my parents (they also had five daughters!); I was the youngest. For that reason, though I love my other brothers equally, he was my hero.


  4. Great shot for the composition challenge as this composition is beautiful!


  5. Nice job, Randy! I especially like the muted colors and the way you chose to frame it. It has such a pleasing amd peaceful mood :-).


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