The World Through My Lens


Week #18, Theme #16: Wild Card (“Serenity”)

Recently, while in Michigan (and before the big storm hit!), I was able to get out with my Nikon D7100; as you can see, it was an overcast day. But a light snow was falling, which I was able to capture in the photo. One day while there, the temperature hit -15 degrees…..and we thought that was brutal! Just a few days later they were in the grips of -40 degree temperatures! Now that’ll make yer tongue stick to the pipe (for those of you who have been there, no explanation needed!)! Fortunately, I left Michigan to return to sunny Florida on Sunday, the day before the big arctic blast hit! I’ll bet the folks up north wish they could go back to the “Serenity” of this scene!serenity


Week #17, Theme #15: “Leading Lines” (Composition)


I just returned from Michigan to be with, and attend the funeral service for, my oldest brother, Sonny. While there, it snowed almost every day. Though my family there thinks I’ve lost my mind, I actually prefer colder weather and I do enjoy the snow. I’m sure if I lived there all the time, I, too, would grow weary of cold, snowy days. I tried to get out with my camera as much as I could (looking for Challenge opportunities!) and this winding, dirt road gave me the perfect opportunity to address Theme #15: “Leading Lines” (Composition). It was a very cold, dark, dreary day and I took this photo from a moving car, driven by my brother-in-law, who served as my driver for the afternoon. I found the lines created by the tire tracks interesting but what makes the picture special to me is the movement in the lines as the road winds its way between the banks and around the snow-covered curve.


Week #16, Theme #2 “Quiet Moment” (Creative)

Most mornings I start my day with my own “quiet time”. On this particular morning, I was intermittently reading my Bible and watching the news. Caught up in a “breaking” news story, I hadn’t noticed that our cat, Coco, had climbed up on the bed and perched herself onto of my Bible. Her posture suggests that she was praying; perhaps she was having her own “quiet moment”!2346dcc7-1793-4c74-80a5-7679d6f1c778


Week #15, Theme #39 “Negative Space” (Composition)


One of our Challenge participants suggested that I crop the previous picture posted for Week #15 (Theme #39 “Negative Space”), apply the “Rule of Thirds”, and lower the pelican to the lower right-hand corner. I followed her advice, played around with the vignette feature a little more and I have to say, I think I like it better this way! Thanks, Susan Beausang for the hot tips!


Week #15, Theme #39 “Negative Space” (Composition)

pelican in negative space

For the theme, “Negative Space”, I took this photo after my wife and I dropped off some dinner to a sick friend who lives in Lido Beach, FL., near Sarasota. It was late in the day, the sun was setting, and there wasn’t much going on in terms of photography opportunities. Nonetheless, on our way back to the mainland, I pulled the car off the road to take a picture of the Ringling Bridge. Immediately, I noticed this lone pelican flying overhead and since it was so late in the day and I knew it would be dark shortly, I took the shot. Upon loading the picture into my laptop, I noticed that the bird was pretty much silhouetted against a rather bland sky. Though I always try to use the “Rule of Thirds” when processing a photo, I decided to center the bird on this one, blue up the sky a little, and then add a little “frosting” to the corners via the vignette feature in Polarr. I’d like your opinion: does this picture fit the theme “Negative Space”? That is a new term to me.


Week #14, Theme #16: Wild Card (The Last Sunset)

Last Sunset

And 2018 goes out with a bang as “The Last Sunset” slowly ushers it into the annals of history! A local hotspot for photographers, The Celery Fields in Sarasota, FL was the perfect place to capture this last going down of the sun for the year 2018. In just a few hours, a new day will dawn, a new year will have arrived and as it does, I’d like to wish all my Challenge friends a very happy New Year! May 2019 be the best ever for you and your family!