The World Through My Lens


Week #4, Theme #10 “Leading Lines” (Creative)

Leading Lines

One day last week, while visiting my siblings who still live in Michigan, I asked my oldest brother, Sonny, if he’d like to go with me out to Mulliken (where we grew up)…..and he said, yes, he’d like to go along. We had the best time! As we traveled around the little town of about 300 people, we found ourselves starting almost every sentence with, “Do you remember when…..?” And then something out of our library of memories would come racing back… and experiences that took place decades ago. Some of them brought smiles to our face…..and some were of more difficult times.

Our old homeplace was located just two houses from this set of railroad tracks. When we came to the crossing, Theme #10 (“Leading Lines”) of our 52-Week Challenge came to mind. As I stopped to take this picture, my mind immediately went back to my boyhood days (late 40’s and into the 50’s) as I recalled the many summer days my friends and I spent walking these tracks. Why? Well, for one reason, wild strawberries grew along the side of the tracks about a quarter of a mile down, and, oh, were they sweet! Also, if you will follow these “Leading Lines” to where they seem to join together, you’ll come to “Peabody’s Woods”, where my friends and I spent many an afternoon playing. All in all, it was a wonderful day! I got to spend time with my oldest brother, Sonny, and I was able to scratch another theme off my list. Only 48 more to go! Hope you enjoy!



Week #3, Theme #35 “Color Harmony” (Composition)

The Evolution of Michigan's Fall Colors

I just returned from visiting my five oldest siblings who live in South-Central Michigan (where I was born). I always try to time my visit in the fall with when the fall colors reach their “peak”. This year, I nailed it! And of course, now that our new challenge has begun, I’m always on the lookout for something I can use. As I traveled around the countryside, I began to consider the process the leaves go through as they change from green to yellow to orange, and so on….and immediately, I thought of Theme #35, “Color Harmony”. So I looked for just the right tree and would you believe, I found all the leaves pictured above on or below the same maple tree! When I returned to my oldest sister’s house, I began playing around with the leaves, using an old leather jacket as a backdrop. When I arranged them like a fan (pictured above), it occurred to me that I was looking at the evolution the leaves go through each fall. Thus, the title “The Evolution of Michigan’s Fall Colors”. Hope you enjoy!


Week 2, Theme #4 Wild Card (“Taking Care of Business!”)

Taking Care of Business

Earlier this week, a friend of mine and I took a trip to the Everglades National Park in South Florida. With Hurricane Michael already churning northward along the west coast of Florida, sunlight was nowhere to be found! But there’s a silver lining around every cloud if we just look for it, and this sunless day was no exception! The clouds kept the heat in check and the storm off the coast provided us with a breeze throughout the day. Even the wildlife seemed to appreciate the cooler temperatures, as well, providing us with many opportunities to get some really nice photos.

Many of the Everglade’s water lilies, wild flowers, orchids, etc., are in bloom this time of year. One such plant (pictured above) caught my eye. Something I hadn’t noticed when I took this picture was the little green insect that was busy at work pollinating the flowers along one of the Everglade’s many canals. It wasn’t until I loaded the picture into my laptop that I discovered this little guy “Taking Care of Business”! Hope you enjoy!



Week 1: Theme #31 Eye Lines (Where is your subject looking?)

Eye Lines

An FYI for those following my blog this year but who are not participants in the 2018-2019 Lakewood Ranch Digital Camera Photography Challenge. Participants are given 52 “themes” and, beginning October 1st, 2018, are required to submit one photograph per week that must correspond to one of these assigned themes (if you are interested in looking at the list, just click on the link at the top of my website, titled “2018-2019 Themes”, and you can look at the entire list. Though we do not have to use the themes in the order they appear on the list, a theme can only be used once during the year thus insuring that each photographer will address every theme by the end of our Challenge year (September 30, 2019). I hope you enjoy following my progress and would really appreciate any comments you might have (good or bad!). Just click on the “Comment” button and I’ll get it. So let’s get started!

While visiting a rookery in Venice, Florida, late this afternoon, I took this photo of a Great Blue Heron, who was first to arrive on the scene as the sun began to set in the west. Every time another heron approached, this one would stretch his neck skyward, fix his eyes on them and let out a screech, as if to say, “Get out! Stay out! Don’t even think about it!” I’ve always been fascinated by the eyes of the Great Blue Heron. Any of you who have used them as subjects know that when they look at you, it’s as if they are staring right through you! Hope you enjoy!