The World Through My Lens



It Happens Over Time

Oftentimes, while looking at pictures like this one that I took in the North Georgia mountains, I can’t help but wonder what this old house would say if it could talk. No doubt, it would speak about a time when things were much simpler than they are today. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not suggesting life was easier back then; it certainly wasn’t. But compare what it takes for us to be content today with the simplicity that characterized the existence of our forefathers. I don’t know how long it has been since this house was occupied but I suspect that the owners never owned a television, a video game, a cell phone, or an inside bathroom. Horror of horrors, they had no air-conditioning, no forced-air heat, no swimming pool! We might be tempted to say, “Poor folks.” But wait! These people actually talked to one another over the evening meal! Their children, no doubt, played outside every day….safely! I’d bet these people took walks in the woods, dangled their feet in the creek, enjoyed vegetables out of their own garden, and, on special occasions, churned up a bucket of homemade ice cream! No, I’m not suggesting that we all go back to living like they did in the “old days”. However, I sometimes wish we could all, somehow, move out of the fast lane, slow down a little, maybe even stop……and take the time to “smell the roses”.



Someone Working

As I was organizing some of my recent work, I came across this picture and thought of the theme, “Someone Working” (Theme #44 on our assigned list). When I was a boy, growing up in South-Central Michigan, we called these “Yellow Jackets”. But I’ve discovered that here in the south there is a much smaller, winged insect referred to by the same name. I’ve had numerous encounters with the latter (they build their nests in the ground, in planters, in bales of hay, etc.) and though they are smaller, believe me, they really pack a big punch (and they can be very aggressive!)! In any event, and no matter the name, insects like the one pictured above play an important part in the grand scheme of things as they flitter about from plant to plant pollinating the flowers and vegetables. Hope you enjoy!



Right Place at the Right Time - Copy

I could not help but think of the theme “Right Place at the Right Time” after previewing a few pictures I took of our two cats recently. The picture probably speaks for itself but I obviously caught Coco, the cat on the left, in the middle of a big yawn! Nothing unusual, you say? Check out the look and posture of our other cat, Prada! She seems to be saying, “Sheesh, Coco, take a breath mint or something, will you?!”



Selfie 2

While participating in the documentation of the 2014 Sarasota Chalk Festival (which this year will take place from November 10-17, in Venice, FL), I noticed, as I walked by a beautiful motor home that was parked nearby, my reflection in the hubcap. Since I had not yet addressed the theme “Selfie” (#38 on our list), I thought, “What the heck?” As you can see, because of the shape and various levels of the cap, it ended up a three-dimensional “selfie”!. Something you cannot see in the picture is that seconds after taking this picture, I lost my balance and fell backward into what appears to be the grass field behind me. I landed on my back, not into grass, however, but rather, a large bed of sand spurs!! For those of you who are not familiar with Florida, that probably means nothing. Floridians, however, KNOW that you do not want to mess with sand spurs! They are small, spherical-shaped plants that have hard, very sharp barbs, and are extremely painful if you happen to be impaled on them! Thankfully, there were others around who were able to pull the sand spurs (about 2 dozen in all) from my back. I assure you, whenever I think of the word “selfie” in the future, my mind will immediately take me back to that “grass” field!!