The World Through My Lens



Raccon Salute


No sooner did I hang a bird feeder in the back yard of our new home than this “Masked” Bandit showed up to snack on what the birds kicked out of the feeder. Because the sun was behind me (thus, in his eyes), he could hear me slowly moving up on him, but couldn’t see me! He peeked out from among the ferns (first picture), with a gesture that almost looks like a salute, and then went back to foraging. As I moved a little closer, he suddenly stood up from among the ferns (second picture), gave me this pose…..and then went back to business, obviously deciding that whatever he had heard was not a threat! One of the great pastimes of my life is observing and photographing the beautiful wildlife our Creator placed on the earth for us to enjoy! Hope you enjoy it, as well!



Natural Beauty

Recently, I had to replace the plants in a landscape bed in our front yard, a project I finished week before last. I couldn’t have picked a better time to do this because we have been getting much-needed rain, lots of it…..and the new plants are loving it! Well, earlier this week, while taking the trash out to the curb, I walked by the new landscape bed and much to my surprise, found the above-pictured mushrooms growing everywhere!!! They weren’t there the night before so, obviously, they  popped up during the night! I waited until the morning sun peaked over the rooftop and then took a series of pictures, including this one. Though I chose the theme “Natural Beauty” (Theme #28) for this picture, I could just as easily have used “It’s a Mystery” (Theme #22). You see, I went back out to check on the mushrooms a couple of hours later and they were all gone….they had disappeared without a trace! The next morning, same thing!! Perhaps I brought them in with the new dirt or mulch or maybe it had to do with the rain, the temperature, the humidity level, etc. In any event, the experience spoke to me about taking advantage of every opportunity……when it presents itself! If I had procrastinated, I would have missed the opportunity to get this example of “Natural Beauty”. For me, it gave new meaning to the old adage, “Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today!”