The World Through My Lens



Having stepped into this “52-Week Photography Challenge”, I find I am always on the hunt for opportunities in keeping with our assigned themes. One of the more challenging themes, for me, at least, was the “Family Table”. I mean, a table is a table is a table, right? Well, one morning this past week, I was having my “quiet time”, joined by Coco, one of our two cats. When I left the “Family Table” to refresh my coffee, the picture below reflects what I found upon my return. As you can see, Coco is very content and quite relaxed!! I’m not sure what she had in mind. Was she simply looking for a place to relax and chose what I was reading as a convenient spot? Was she saying, “Hey, how about giving me some time!”? Maybe she was having her own “spiritual” moment…..who knows?! On the other hand, maybe there was a “hidden” message for me about being content, about resting, about trusting!! Heck, maybe it was just a cat doing what cats do!! In any event, it gave me the opportunity to check one more “theme” off my list. Hope you enjoy!

The Family Table



As many of you who read this know, the “Drum Circle”, held every Sunday evening at Siesta Key (near Sarasota, FL), offers a variety of subjects for the photographer on the lookout for something different. A week ago Sunday, Dodie and I took some visitors to the Drum Circle and, as usual, I had my camera in hand. Some folks walked in the surf, others gathered around the colorful individuals who banged away on their drums, and a few participated in activities such as football-tossing, hula-hooping, dancing, building sand sculptures, etc. As the sun was setting low in the west, however, I noticed a family involved in something as old, I suppose, as time itself: kite-flying. I took a few pictures of the same and this week, while going back over the list of themes we’ve been assigned for the 2014-15 “52-Week Photography Challenge”, I thought of those pictures, one of which I have posted below. Maybe you flew kites as a kid, as did I. Maybe you still fly them, even though you are much older now. No matter what, however, and regardless of the age, all who have experienced the joy of the tug on that string know that “when the wind blows”, it’s time to get out the kite!!   Kite Flying in the Wind.


Week #1: Bridge

Because our twin, 6-year-old grandsons, Kaleb and Kyzer, start school next Monday, August 18th, we invited them down to Sarasota for a few days (they live in Tarpon Springs). Dodie and I took them to several local attractions, one of which was The Myakka River State Park, located just east of Sarasota. One of the more popular things to do at the park is to climb to the top of the observation tower. Because I am participating in the 2014-2015 52-Week Challenge, I find myself on the look-out for pictures in keeping with the themes we’ve been assigned. Consequently, I took this picture of the “bridge” that connects the climbing platform to the observation tower. Enjoy!Bridge  


Week #2: Long Shadows

Former neighbors, who lived next door when we lived in Cumming, Georgia, visited us for a couple of days last weekend. Sunday evening, Dodie and I took them to the Drum Circle at Siesta Key, an event that has taken place every Sunday evening for decades (if you haven’t seen this, at least once, do it….you’ll be glad you did!!). The sunset was absolutely spectacular and after taking photos of the same, I turned to head back to the car. With the sun low in the sky and positioned behind me, the shadows my legs cast made for an interesting picture. If you look closely, you can see me, camera in hand, where the legs come together at the top of this “long shadow”!Long Shadow